A gift to you to end the year, starting 1st December 2021 join our daily Pilates challenge, 24 brand new routines + access to the full virtual studio.


What to Expect

  • Daily high quality premium Pilates routines from traditional Pilates flows to energy boosting classes to grounding routines and much more.

  • Daily email from Lottie with your routine and motivation to keep you focused and motivated.

  • Guest recipes and meditations.

  • We will be donating £1 from everyone who signs up to the challenge to the charity Women For Refugee Women.

The Schedule

Day 1: Traditional Pilates Flow

Day 2: Classical Abdominals Series of 5

Day 3: Obliques and Rotation

Day 4: Standing Energy Boost

Day 5: Grounding Class

Day 6: Classical Pilates Flow 1

Day 7: Upper Body

Day 8: Lower Body

Day 9: Steady & Stretchy Flow

Day 10: Classical Abdominals Variations

Day 11: Standing Energy Boost and Balance

Day 12: Classical Pilates Flow 2

Day 13: Plank It Out

Day 14: Side Body

Day 15: Grounding Class 2

Day 16: Traditional Reformer To Mat

Day 17: Back & Posture

Day 18: Classical Pilates Flow 3

Day 19: Calming Stretch with Emily

Day 20: Slow & Fiery

Day 21: Teaser Fun

Day 22: Control & Lengthened Mat

Day 23: Soothing Stillness

Day 24: Classical Pilates Flow 4 (A Celebration)

Our Charity Partner

We are so grateful for your participation in the 24 Days of Pilates Challenge 2.0. £1 from every members subscription throughout the month of December will be donated to Women For Refugee Women ♥️. Find out more here.

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