Here are Lottie's top tips for an at home practice. Whether you are new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, we can still get into bad habits when practicing at home. We believe that the quality of the teaching and the premium quality our videos means you are having an in studio experience, but you can also take control of your own practice and here's how.

Tips For A Good Practice

- Prepare your space by making sure you have enough room around your mat to be able to move your arms and legs freely and avoid hitting any obstacles and getting distracted.

- Set up your device so that you can easily follow along and see the teacher on screen well.

- Choose a routine that feels an appropriate level and pace for you that day.

- Take the time to make sure your starting positions for each exercise is correct. If you need to pause the video to review the exercise then of course you can do that.

- Focus on the quality of your movements rather than the pace or how many repetitions you do.

- Pilates is mindful exercise and it's important to have a quiet and calm environment if you can.

- Remember the most important thing is your alignment and form.

- Do not exercise if you feel unwell.

Where To Start In The Virtual Studio

If you are a beginner to movement and Pilates then the below is a series of classes we recommend starting with. With recommend taking 2-3 classes per week but more or less than that is fabulous too.

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