Pre & Postnatal Pilates

Support your mind and body throughout your pregnancy and beyond with an at home Pilates practice taught my expert teachers and gain all the wonderful benefits from improved mood and energy to body confidence and awareness.


Benefits of Pilates Throughout Pregnancy


A regular Pilates practice will help you understand your breathe more which will facilitate movement, labour and relaxation.


With the extra hormone relaxin during pregnancy, Pilates is amazing for helping your gain control and support your range of movement to avoid pain.


Taking time for yourself and moving your body will help you stay uplifted and energised throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

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Experience premium content designed specifically for you during your pregnancy, from strengthening classes using the theraband to restorative flowing classes and pelvic floor tutorials.

Lottie has curated this lovely 21 Day Prenatal Pilates journey for anyone wanting to practice throughout their pregnancy but isn't sure where to start with the classes. You can take this completely at your own pace and of course, listen to your body if you need a rest day. You could take this journey multiple times throughout your pregnancy if you like as it's suitable for all trimesters. 


Please read our journal post on 8 Things To Consider While Practicing Pilates When Pregnant.

*All LMP pregnant clients, without exception, should have permission from their medical practitioner to continue or to start exercise during pregnancy. Medical permission should then be sought at regular intervals throughout pregnancy. Always listen to your body and stop exercising if you feel pain, have bleeding, chest pain, faintness, palpitations, pubic pain, severe headache, fever, development of swelling in legs, face or hands.

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About these classes

This is Lottie's studio in the comfort of your own home, a safe space where you can prioritise looking after you and honouring your body and mind during this special time.

Lottie filmed a lot of these classes while she was pregnant herself and she has studied pre & postnatal Pilates with two different providers as well as teaching pregnant clients for years, she has a wealth of knowledge and you'll feel safe and supported.

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