Pregnancy Guidelines for 24 Days of Pilates 3.0

We are so happy that this years 24 days of Pilates challenge with the LMP Community is also prenatal friendly. Please read the below guidelines to ensure you are practicing safely.

Prenatal Guidelines for 24 Days of Pilates 3.0

  • Firstly make sure you have permission from your medical practitioner to continue exercising throughout your pregnancy.

  • Always listen to your body and stop exercising if you feel pain, have bleeding, chest pain, faintness, palpitations, pubic pain, severe headache, fever, development of swelling in legs, face or hands.

  • Day 6 Side Body Fire Routine is not suitable for prenatal women, please swap out this class for class #181 in the studio Side Body & Obliques.

  • Day 7 Restorative Flow is not suitable for prenatal women, please swap out this class for class #183 in the studio Calming Signature Flow.

  • Day 22 Core Variations is not suitable for prenatal women, please swap out for class #065 in the studio Full Body Balancing Prenatal Class.

  • When Emily and Lottie are teaching together, please follow Lottie for the prenatal options.

  • The routines in this challenge are a suitable length for pregnancy, 20-30 minutes however rest whenever you need to and only exert a moderate amount of energy.

  • Keep all your movements flowing, stay hydrated and breathe throughout the routines.

  • When transitioning up and down from the floor or changing position, move slowly and mindfully.

  • It's best to avoid supine work (lying on your back) from 16 weeks pregnant, this is due to the compression on the inferior vena cava. In general, avoid any strenuous abdominal work like curls up, planks or anything loaded like roll ups. You'll notice I'll give alternative options.

  • There's lots of lovely standing work in this challenge but please stand near a chair or wall to help you balance if you feel you are a little wobbly. Our centre of gravity and posture is constantly changing during pregnancy so it's normal to be find balancing a bit harder. Always support yourself.

  • This is a daily challenge, however please take it at a pace that feels comfortable for you. You might want to take some rest days imbetween and that's completely fine. Come back to the challenge whenever you are ready.

  • Please always refer to a medical expert if you experience any unwanted or unusual pain.

  • Contact if you have any questions at all.

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